A Difficult Question

Monday, March 9, 2009

I have been invited to write an artist profile for this fantastic website http://www.layersuponlayers.com. It is website/blog for mixed media art. I highly recommend having a look. There is so much great information. You just want to keep looking, making mental notes and print great tips.
I have been working on the artist profile today. It is amazing how questions can make you focus. I actually find it is quite challenging to write about my self. By any means some questions are easier to answer than others. The one question that I have been struggeling with is "how to describe my work". A simple question, but I have always had problems answering it when asked. Maybe because I work in so many techniques, maybe beause I haven't quite found my feet as an artist or maybe it's because I don't like to be labeled. Lables means limitation to me. And I don't want to be limited. There is so much to explore within my art/craft. I dont know. But I know it is a great excersice to actually stop up, pause and put pen to paper (computer :-)trying verbalizing it. It makes you think that's for sure. You should try it :-)