Fibrefusion at Henry Moore

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday I spend the most wonderful day at the Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, Hertfordshire Henry Moore Foundation It was a day trip with the textile group Fiberfusion. Very recently I had the honor to be asked if I wanted to join this very advanced textile group. This was only my second time meeting with Fiberfusion Fiberfusion But what a day! What more can one ask for: Great company, fantastic weather, a superb pub lunch in one of these very old, timber framed English country pubs AND the most impressive sculptures placed in natural surroundings, with lots and lots of open space around them. The sculptures were allowed to express themselves, not being crowded by one another (or city scape's for that matter. Very powerful. Three of the sculptures were placed amongst grazing sheep. One was on its own little mound, but two of them were actually the field. Over the years the sheep had polished an area/ring around the sculptures in sheep height, giving that area a lighter golden colour. It was lovely. The Marquette room was very exciting. There it was possible to view some of Henry Moore's design inspirations and his first attempts creating mini sculptures, playing and familiarizing himself with the shapes. In this area of England (East Anglia)there is a lot of huge flint stones/blocks in the ground, and one of Henry Moores returning design source were these big lumps of organic shaped flint stone. I didn't know that. It was a beautiful day out.