Life is great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have had a lovely day today just quietly catching up with a lot of things. For a change I haven't been out and about and it just makes such a difference. One can get on with things. As you can see from my lack of blog postings, I haven't quite found my rhythm again. So much to do when you are picking up your life again after a long, but wonderful break. But hopefully life is slowly falling into place again and I'll be back blogging on a regular basis. I have so many half written posts from our trip in my little note/sketch book that I'm always carrying around with me. Someone gave me that tip when I started this blog, and that has really been a super idea. Sometimes it is just key words, other times it is fully written. I have never written a daily journal, but I have to admit that there is something very soothing to put pen to paper, trying to digest and verbalize the impressions of a day. Well better run for now. We are having friends coming over shortly for a three course meal. It is all prepared except that I'm in need a bit of dusting myself :-)