A lovely day in Cambrigde, England.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A couple of days ago I went down to Cambridge, about half an hours drive from where I live. Needed to pick up a few art items for a project that I'm working on, that I couldn't get locally. That was my excuse for a lovely day out. I know that I have blogged about Cambridge before, but there is just something about that city that is so captivating. All the beautiful old colleges are lined up next to each other like beads on a sting, right there in the city center. It was beautiful weather. Sunny and very mild. Around lunch time I picked up a sandwich from a local tearoom and a nice large latte and found myself a lovely spot in the sun, sitting on the stone railing in front of Kings College. If you ever visit Cambridge I can highly recommend that picnic spot. Perfect spot for people watching and you just cannot beat the back drop of Kings College. I had planned to stroll on the back side of the colleges, but got side tracked and ran out of time. But next time. If you are visiting London, Cambridge is only a 50 minutes train ride from Kings Cross Station, so very easy to get to. I can only recommend it!