More Festival Of Quilts 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009
At 'The Festival Of Quilts' and at the 'The Knitting and Stitch Show' at Alexander Palace, London one of the many highlights is always the 'Graduate Show Case'. I find it so exciting talking to the graduates, looking at their work. Pure bliss when workbooks are on display. I love other peoples work/sketch books. It is so intriguing to follow the process from initial idea to the finished product. The creative energy is just mind boggling.
At 'The Festival Of Quilts' I just loved Fiona Wilson's work. It was so light and airy. So delicate. Her layered, stitched and lightly distressed pieces were just beautiful. I bought one of her pieces. It just had to come home with me and I love it! If you go to her lovely blog Fiona Wilson you'll find a lot of info about her work and you'll see what I mean
While browsing the huge and very tempting vendor area I stopped for quite a while to listen to a demonstration by Textile Artist Brenda Boardman. She was giving a superb talk on how she uses heavy weight Lutrador in her beautiful free style machine embroidered work. Lutrador is one of the products that I have never really gotten around to play with, so this was perfect getting all this inspiration and learning about it's properties. I bought two long and quite unhandy rolls of the 'stuff' and was logging them around for most of the day. Not particular smart, but I didn't want to waste my precious time going back to the coach. You can see Brenda Boardman's work on her web site: Brenda Boardman