North Carolina

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Card - Applique
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Just spend a lovely week by the Inter Coastel Waterway in North Carolina. Beautiful weather. A great taste of the summer to come.
Took lots of photos of bark. Some of the old trees had just the most amazing texture. Perfect for being translated into textured, stitched pieces. We have a lot of airports and plane rides coming up and I might do a bit of sketching while waiting. We'll see.

In the begining of our stay my husband was working on his next two Fantasy Football book that are due to be published shortly: 'Fantasy Football Almanac 2009' and 'Fantasy Football Tips' by Sam Hendricks. While he was busy typing away, I did a hand stitched piece for one of my textile groups. The Sindano group is having an exhibition in November and we are all to stitch a leaf. A small piece of hand dyed fabric and a some blue threads were given to us. Right before I left on this vacation, I took a photo copy of a leaf from our garden and traced the outline and veins on to the fabric with a light pencil stroke. So far I have stitched a very delicate piece with tiny running and seed stitches. I really like it, but is debating to add more seeded = shadowed areas. It is a fine balance as I don't want to spoil the feather weight feel the piece has, but on the other hand it might be too boring with out. I think, I have to let it sit for a while longer, while I make up my mind :-)