SewDanish + Etsy front pages

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Wow I'm so happy!! I'm doing a happy dance here right in the living room. I just want to share that I just discovered that I have made the Etsy Front Page three times with in a month. And I haven't seen any of them while they were up! I only found out when I checked my Google Analytics and saw big spikes in traffic to my shop. Went to check the Flickr group: 'Etsy front pagers-treasury screen shots'. A great group and tool for finding out what you have missed. And there it was.
Thank you to all you out there that very regular basis choose items from my shop to be featured in your treasuries. I appreciate it TONS!!!. I will one day get my head around starting creating treasuries myself. It is on my long list of things to do :-)
Meanwhile I do check 'craftopolis' almost everyday, a great time saving tool to find out if your a featured in treasuries and gift guides. If featured then I leave a comment, click and visit all the wonderful shops, and share the link on twitter/facebook to give more people the chance to see all the beautiful creations and wealth of creativity.

Etsy Front Page 5/29/09 makeyourpresentsfelt