Spiral of Life

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've been to my machine embroidery group ATW, Advanced Textile Workshop. Had a great day as usual. This group is an eksperimental free machine embroidery group. A couple of weeks ago our group had a display at an event called "Textile in Focus" which took place North of Cambrigde (GB). It is a yearly event with lots of workshops, vendors, exhibitions and lectures. A fantastic day out. Our group had gotten the brief to make a non conventional container. And this container was to contain a treasure and there had to be some hand stitching. My container ended up not looking anything like my initial plan, as I couldn't get it to work. So I was sitting there with this rather large stitched piece, that I just couldn't cut into pieces. So I started manipulating. And I just loved what started to happen. My initial treasure idea was something that represented life, as I treasure life. I ended up with an integrated "spiral of life". I really think that it is so important to trust and follow ones intuition, and not try to force something to happen when working on a piece.