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Monday, March 28, 2011
Welcome to this second blog hop, initiated by the Unique Women In Business group (UWIB). Please enjoy all the lovely 'Spring' posts and blogs.

People often ask me: which is your favorite season? To be quite honest, I'm never able to give a straight forward answer. I simply love all the 4 seasons and their characteristics. Having spend most of my life in Denmark and England, living with four distinct seasons, they simply get in your blood.
Some years ago I spend +3 years in the Middle East. A fantastic time from a cultural point of view, but I did miss my four seasons. There it was hot for 6 month and then slightly less hot the following 6 month. It was actually a rather strange feeling, as it was such a different rhythm to the year. It was lovely not having to wear loads of layers and winter boots, but still.

I find the transition between the seasons very exciting. You start to get small tasters of what is to come. Spotting the first snowdrops in the garden, a slight warmth in the air, the birds singing in the morning etc. Those subtle changes that spring is definitely on its way, are just so wonderful.

My husband and I went the other day for a long hike in beautiful countryside of Suffolk, England. On our way we discovered the first tiny violets and buttercups flowering like small bright dots. When out and about I instinctively look for natures sure signs that the winter is soon to be over. When I grew my mother, sister and I always went out for long walks. One of our favorite past times, were spotting the first wild flowers in the early spring. Very fond memories. The spring photos in this post were taken last week in the Abbey Gardens Bury St. Edmunds where I live. I just love Bury St Edmunds and the Abbey gardens VERY old and colorfull history! 

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What a lovely and beautifully

What a lovely and beautifully written post. YOu make me want to visit the gardens! Especially impressive since it's like 3 in the morning where you are ! Hee Hee Having a great time reading unique women in business blogs on SPRING! Let’s shop and blog hop! http://www.ciaobela.etsy.com (artisan jewelry)http://www.sellementz.etsy.com (handmade jewelry making supplies/elements)My Blog: http://www.bellalindadesigns.net

I agree, all 4 seasons have

I agree, all 4 seasons have their special features. But seeing those perky daffodils this weekend did make me happy:)

Beautiful, beautiful photos!!

Beautiful, beautiful photos!! Your flowers give me hope that spring will arrive here too someday!

Oh, Birgitte, I bet your walk

Oh, Birgitte, I bet your walk was breathtaking and so refreshing to see nature at work! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!!!Karenhttp://www.jmjcreations.etsy.com

Some beautiful photos of your

Some beautiful photos of your Spring! Thank you for sharing! It's a real treat to wander through all the blog posts in this UWIB blog hop!--Judy http://WellspringCreations.UShttp://WellspringCreations.blogspot.com

I enjoyed looking at the

I enjoyed looking at the lovely pictures of the pink flowering tree. WOW! Makes me even more eager for spring!AnnHarvest Moon by Handhttp://harvestmoonbyhand.blogspot.com

I love learning about you and

I love learning about you and your country. Those pictures are wonderful.Trudy aka Momma Goddesswww.mommagoddess.etsy.com

I am having so much fun, I

I am having so much fun, I love all the different blogs, your photos are fabulous! you have had an adventurous life my friend!

I like to read about your

I like to read about your seasons where you live. I'm in Nebraska - USA and we also have 4 seasons that are very different. Hot and humid (summer), Rainy and windy (spring) dry and cool (fall) and SNOW (winter).Beautiful photos too!

Hi Birgitte: The definition

Hi Birgitte: The definition of the word conjure, "Make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic." And your words really do conjure up pictures almost as wonderful as the ones you took in Abbey Gardens.

Even though, I may grumble

Even though, I may grumble about the Cold, I love having the four seasons. The photos that you took at Abbey Gardens are Fantastic.

Thanks for the pics from the

Thanks for the pics from the Abbey Gardens... spring has definitely sprung where you are. :) We're still weeks away from blossoming trees, my favorite being crabapples, with cherries a close second... that's when I start feeling "springy". ;)Lovely post!Linda :)http://capecodjewel.etsy.comhttp://craftymakings.etsy.comhttp://capecodjewel.blogspot.comhttp://facebook.com/capecodjewelhttp://twitter.com/capecodjewel

Gorgeous photos!That first

Gorgeous photos!That first one looked like felting - very interesting.I love having a change in seasons, but I think I'm just fine without a winter with snow. : )

Absolutely gorgeous post

Absolutely gorgeous post Birgitte!Your photography is so lovely...I didn't realize you would have so many beautiful things in bloom yet over there.Audreyhttp://AudreyGardenLady.etsy.comhttp://AudreyGardenLady.artfire.comhttp://AudreysCraftDestash.etsy.comhttp://AudreyGardenLady.blogspot.com

Thank you dear friends for

Thank you dear friends for all your lovely comments. I really appreciate them :-)The first photo in the blogpost is the top part of an ancient gravestone where the lichen is 'blooming'/very active before covered by the shades of the trees. The colors are so intense!We have had almost a week of lovely mild weather since the photos were taken and nature is 'exploding' around me. It's wonderful :-)Birgitte

Gorgeous photos. I love

Gorgeous photos. I love Suffolk in the spring.Shirl x

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