Tantalizing, Translucent and Manipulated with Pauline Verrinder

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just spend 5 fabulous days doing nothing but sewing and sewing and sewing. It was fantastic! In January I had signed up for a summer school with the yummy heading: 'Tantalizing, Translucent and Manipulated'. And was I in for a treat! The summer school took place at Cottenham Village College, North of Cambridge (GB) Our tutor was Pauline Verrinder a wonderful textile artist, international tutor and author. Did she keep us busy? OH YES!
Over the 5 days we looked at several ways of creating transparent and semi transparent backgrounds for stitch. Amongst others, we worked with cocoon strippings, different types of water soluble fabrics, laminate pouches, silk chiffon, sheers, cotton organdy and much more.

Some of the techniques I had touched base with before, but as always it was great to be reminded. I never ever mind revisiting seemingly familiar techniques. There is always so much to explore with in a technique. 'Been there done that' is not a phrase that for me applies to contemporary, free style machine embroidery. The potential for developing and pushing the boundaries even further, is always there. It is such a freedom to play, and that is probably one of the reasons, why I like this type of embroidery so much.
The amount of work that was produced during these 5 days was totally impressive. So inspirational to see the different and very individual results.


Such a great post about

Such a great post about sewing !I am sure you and other handmade lovers :) had a great time !Cheers from Paris

Thank you :-) I had the most

Thank you :-) I had the most fantastic time. When you have 5 days to play one can really just 'dive in and let go'. Pure bliss!Birgitte

How wonderful Birgitte! I

How wonderful Birgitte! I can't wait to see the new skills and ideas you have acquired, manifest in your shop items!!? It surely will be exciting to see.... :) Have a lovely weekend! Kirsten

I tell you my head is so full

I tell you my head is so full of exciting ideas that I don't have time to go on vacation. Just joking, but I'm sure you know what I mean :-)Birgitte

It definitely sounds like you

It definitely sounds like you had a fantastic time! It all sounds so interesting too. :)

Sounds like you had a great

Sounds like you had a great time, where did you hear about the course? I live in Norfolk and would love to do a course like that

Hi AlisonI'm sorry for this

Hi AlisonI'm sorry for this late reply due to being on vacation.Here is the link for Cottenham Village College.The summerschool program is usually published in January/February and it is important to sign up as early as possible, as the classes do fill up very quickly. http://sites.google.com/a/cvcweb.net/commed/summer-schoolTake careBirgitte

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