Unique Women In Business (UWIB)

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Some of you who visit my blog on a regular basis (thank you J) and follow me ontwitter (link) and facebook (link), might recall that I belong to an internetbusiness group for women, Unique Women In Business (UWIB). I’ve been a memberof uwib for quite a long time and absolutely love it. It is such a dynamic group,with very energetic and lovely ladies.

The support is amazing. Whether it is business related oron a more personal note. You ask a question on our message board in our yahoogroup , and you can be almost certain that someone will know and is willing toshare their knowledge.

To highlight a few of some the great things thatcurrently are going on in UWIB is our twitter program intiated by Robin Pedro(link), where we  are scheduling tweets of the participatingshops and thereby cross promoting each other.

In 2011 we had a  monthly blog hop initiated by Rita (link). If youscroll down you’ll find my blog hop posts.Some wonderful blogpost were written and was always fun to see how the otherparticipants had interpreted the monthly theme.  Rita is now the curator of UWIB' BNR (buy and stay treasuries) another sucessful initiative......

Cory (link), one of our SEO (search engine optimazation) gurus. Cory isdefinitely keeping me on my toes. She has amongst others initiated megetting signed up on squidoo (link). There is so much to learn and understandin regards to SEO. I’ve done a fair bit of research SEO myself, buthave to admit I there is so much that I don’t understand. Therefore it iswonderful to be in group where one can ask questions

An wonderful Karen who manage the group, keeping us all honest. She works triedless work our blog and on Uwibs latetst great project the giftguide ...Link

There is no doubt that being a member of UWIB has helpedme gain knowledge about running a business on the internet.