Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On our recent trip to the US, we spend two days in Vancouver, Canada. I had never been to Canada before and was really looking forward to our stay there. I'll definitely have to come back one day. I just loved Vancouver. I could have spend a lot longer there exploring the city. Walking and exploring the Granville area was fantastic. The creative energy coming from Emile Carr Art and Design University, all the individual or coop artist studios as well as the market was fantastic. A feast for all senses. The second day in Vancouver, my husband and his mother went on a bus trip, while I excused myself :-) I just had to get back to Granville. The day prior I had spotted all these wonderful rusty, multi colored, mossy, textured areas on the buildings made from corrugated iron and I was keen on getting back taking photos. I got there quite early in the day. It was slightly overcast and the light was just right for my little point and shoot camara. The more I looked the more I discovered. I took so many photos that I lost count. I do love digital photos! While I was totally absorbed in my little world of taking photos of rusty bits and planing the next batch of design work, this deep male voice, all of a sudden, spoke to me from behind. I got such a fright and totally jumped. I was definitely not expecting anyone to talk to me! The gentleman apologized for making me jump, and continued to tell me about some other great 'textured' buildings on Granville. And then he was gone. I couldn't help smiling as it was so neat to have met someone, who shared my joy of 'weird' design photos.