Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Just a brief note to say hi to you all. My husband and I are now in Virginia having a lovely time with family and friends. It is great being back catching up. Tomorrow we'll head up to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Unfortunately there won't be enough time to fit a hike in, but just being there will be great. Maybe next time. Later this week we are going down to North Carolina spending a week at the Inter Coastal Waterway. Very different nature to the mountains, but there is a lot to be said for long walks on the beach regardless of the weather. I just love watching the pelicans flying along the shore line, fishing.
Today I took a lot of photos of some some old trees. The bark was just amazing. The texture with its deep grooves and subtle changes in colors were just beautiful. Areas had peeled away leaving smooth patches among the very rugged areas. An elderly man was walking his dog while I took the close up photos. I smiled and said hello, but he just looked at me as if I had lost it a bit....
Before I left for The US, I prepared a lot of small hand stitching projects. On the long flights and car drives I simply need to keep myself entertained. So far I haven't gotten a whole lot done as we have been busy, but I'm sure I'll get down to a bit more stitching in the coming days. Better finish this post for now and join the rest of the family :-)