Woven Basket - Blue Jeans Recycled

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have lately been exploring and pushing the boundaries for my woven / plaited baskets that I have been making for years and lately been selling in my shop SewDanish - Scandinavian Textile Art . In December I taught a basket weaving workshop using this traditional Scandinavian diagonal weaving technique. It was a great workshop, a lot of fun and most of my students left with a finished basket. It is a great pleasure passing on this old  basket weaving technique. It is so important to keep these traditional skills a live, so that they are not forgotten.

For a long while I have been weaving the baskets using recycled Danish newspapers. I love creating something so useful and unique from a humble newspaper and as an added bonus I can have little read while preparing the strips. 

While preparing for the above mentioned basket weaving workshop I was given a pair of totally well loved  blue jeans by a friend who knows, that I can pretty much find use for anything in my work. Having been cutting and preparing an endless number of strips, I instantly saw the trouser legs cut into strips and woven.  

It was fun weaving the basket as the strips kind of took on an organic way of life adding a lovely relaxed look to this rustic basket. To stiffen the basket, making it less fabric like and firm to the touch, I decided to paint the basket with diluted acrylic paint. 


This is a lovely way to

This is a lovely way to recycle old jeans, and newspaper, Birgitte. How creative and I do agree that it is important to keep these traditional skills alive for future generations.

This is so cool Birgitte! I

This is so cool Birgitte! I love that you are keeping an art from your heritage alive not only by praticing it but also by passing it on!!Love the blue jean basket too :DAudrey

Beautiful baskets..

Beautiful baskets.. especially love the paper ones. When recycling makes such beautiful art you know you're on to something! So great that you're passing on the skills. Even if the students just make things for themselves and friends, they'll have a relaxing pasttime and maybe kindle a passion in someone else to keep it going. I'd take a class if you were closer!

You are soooo creative!!! I

You are soooo creative!!! I love the baskets, especially the recycled blue jeans one. I can't wait to see the next project that is brewing in your creative mind.Hugs,Karen Terry/McDuffiehttp:/www.jmjcreation.etsy.com

Thank you for your lovely

Thank you for your lovely comments. I totally apreciate you stopping by. I have to admit that I'm so hooked on the baskets. You change one detail and you end up with a total different design. It is so exticing! You change the base material and a whole new world is opening up in front of you.I loved teaching the workshop and hope I'll have the oppertunity to teach more as it is so important to keep this craft/technique alive. Granted, some of the ladies had to take a very deep breath now and then, but we laughed a lot :-)Birgitte

ADORABLE!!! I am so proud to

ADORABLE!!! I am so proud to be one of your art collectors!

Your baskets are amazing and

Your baskets are amazing and you still manage to find a new material to 'push the envelope'! And teaching too! You're a marvel!

that is so gorgeous! weaving

that is so gorgeous! weaving little baskets is always on my crafty list to do :)I am really inspired by recycled jeans basket!x

Wow, I really, really like

Wow, I really, really like the newspaper baskets. Love your use of the blues and greens and color, too.Weaving and reading, sound like a nice combination! Enjoy hopping from blog to blog and GO uwib etsy team!

I just had to come

I just had to come back...forgot to link in this link a thon...Thanks for your beautiful recycled interpretation of "something green"www.bellalindadesigns.net

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