Festival Of Quilts, Birmingham 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
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Wow what a week last week. Tuesday was the wonderful day out at The Henry Moore Foundation with 'Fiberfusion'. Friday a superb day trip to The Festival Of Quilts, Birmingham with my other textile group 'Out Of The Fold'. Had the most fantastic day. A huge amount of quilts, exhibitions within the main exhibition, demonstrations, workshops and vendors galore. It is always so mind boggling and inspiring to attend these huge events. I usually do my home work and kind of know what exhibitions/artists I want to concentrate on while my brain is still fresh. On this occasion I didn't take a whole lot of photos. Only 12 to be precise. But one of the few ones, that I took was an art quilt that really caught my eye. After looking at for a while, I went to read who had judged it. I couldn't help smiling when I saw the judges name. It was a Danish lady called Lisbet Borggren. It didn't surprise me at all that another Dane would have spotted that as well! As I was too cheap to buy the festival program I didn't know who made the quilt. It wasn't until yesterday that I learned that the quilt was made by a Danish! Internet friend of mine Mai-Britt Axelsen. I'm so thrilled for her. As a matter of fact she won two prizes. First price in the miniature category with 'Little Thin Blue Line' (30x30 cm)(the photo above) and second price for her art quilt 'Another Thin Blue Line' (120 cm x 120 cm) WELL DONE. CONGRATULATIONS!!! On her lovely blog Linen and Silk you'll find much better photos of her prize winning quilts, so do take a look.