Glacier Bay, Alaska

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well despite all my good blogging intentions, I'm still struggling getting back into doing all the things, that I would like to do on the computer. Mind you, on our recent trip to US/Alaska, I did decide, that I was going to spend less time on the computer upon our return. I was spending way too many hours on 'the machine' and I really wanted to transfer some of that time back into designing and crafting. This last week I have spend catching up on lots of projects as well attending all three textile groups. Great catching up with all my friends and see what they are working on. In the machine embroidery group, Advanced Textile Workshop, we were having a fun day making all kinds of buttons in clay, Fimo, felt and stitched. It is always great to be able to make your own buttons for a certain project, as it is a wonderful way of adding the last finishing touch. In 'Out Of The Fold' some of the ladies were doing indigo dying. Some of the pieces were stunning. I look forward to see the results next time we meet. I didn't do any dying. I have so much dyed fabric as it is, so I really didn't need any more. I worked instead on a couple of samples for a 3D object that we are to make for our upcoming exhibition. I was very pleased with how the samples turned out. Will share them with you at a later stage :-)
The two photos in this posting are from The National Park: Glacier Bay, Alaska. An absolutely stunning place. Never seen anything like it!