Quilt exhibition at The V&A, London

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I’m so happy that I made it down to London to see The Quilt Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Quilts of the British Isles 1700 - 2010.
Lots of my friends had recommended it as a fantastic day out, even though only two hours away I just hadn’t found time to go down to London. Luckily my husband with short notice had to go to London for a business meeting and I jumped on the chance to toggle along. While my husband did his thing, I went to the V&A.; Since I didn’t have a pre booked ticket, I decided to get to the museum before it opened at 10 am. While waiting in the sunshine a group of the 5-6 year old girls in their school uniforms and very cute straw hats appeared. They were just the sweetest sight! I later saw them inside the museum where they were having a great time.

The quilt exhibition was amazing and made even more special, as I had the two rooms exhibition rooms to myself, for the first half an hour. The impact of the quilts and their story was a very powerful experience. The exhibition has finished now which is a shame. It really deserved to have been enjoyed by many more people.
If you are visiting London. The
Victoria and Albert Museum is a fantastic place to spend hours. I love going there and quite often wish that I was living closer to it.


I live in Ireland so getting

I live in Ireland so getting to the V&A; is hard for me too. I got to the Quilts exhibition in May and the timing was just right to also take in COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery. Bliss! A little trip down Berwick St to all the lovely fabric shops and I was a very happy bunny. Now I just have to see can I make that an annual pilgrimage!

I'm glad you had a great trip

I'm glad you had a great trip to London. London is a fascinating (and exhausting)city. I have to say that I really enjoyed the quilt exhibition. And Berwick Street! What a wonderful place. I try not to go there, because I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE FABRIC :-)My annual pilgrimage is coming up in two weeks: The Knitting and Stitching Show At Alexander Palace, London, yeah :-)Birgitte

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